Wanderella Story is an urban adventure blog with a taste for the offbeat, the dark and the abandoned, created by Vilnius-based writer, anthropologist and amateur photographer Noora Mäntyranta.

From East German ghost towns to crumbling villages in the Greater Caucasus, from the aerial parks of New York to subterranean Helsinki, Wanderella Story brings you stories and pictures of unusual places, people and things from the margins of urban (and sometimes rural) life.

In the tradition of the urban exploration community, names and locations of vulnerable sites may be withheld to protect them from harm.

The origin


A Finnish transplant in Vilnius, Lithuania, I started this blog in summer 2013 to share my love for the secret side of cities everywhere. It has grown from there slowly but steadily.

Why the fascination with abandoned and overlooked places? Because they are a window into the very soul of our civilization, its past and present. Forget skyscrapers and cafes: it’s what we try to hide from others’ eyes that tells a story!

I go to these places to meditate on the silence and stillness of time that’s otherwise so hard to come by in our urban environments. Sometimes I go to be thoroughly spooked, because let’s face it, it can get scary out there. Then I blog about it.

I don’t have a fixed crew, but you will meet some of my regular-ish exploration buddies in the posts I write. Want to connect with me for any reason? Use the contact form here.